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Stuart Haden, the snapshot is perfection - Gallery of imagination.

He's one of the most awarded photographers in Europe. Class 1942. Stuart Haden was born in Aberdeen, Scotland. His work has been shown worldwide thanks to exhibitions in different international art galleries. His artistic influences are as enormous as his production. Stuart has in his mind's eye Edward Burra, Cartier-Bresson, Picasso. The respect for the image by Haden can even seem manic but as a matter of fact only the research for the enormous perfectionism makes him a perfect artist. He has a beautiful "old fashioned" website.

Stuart Haden, lo scatto perfezione - Galleria di immagini.

E 'uno dei fotografi piu decorati d'Europe. Classe 1942. Stuart Haden e nato ad Aberdeen in Scotia. I suoi lavori hanno fatto il grio del mondo tra mostre gallerie d'arte internazionale. Le sue influenza artistiche sono di altissimo livello come d'altronde la sua produzione. Stuart ha negli occhi e nella mente Edward Burra, Cartier-Bresson, Picasso. Il rispetto per l'immagine di Haden puo' sembrare addirittura maniacale, ma in realta solo l'enorne perfezionismo che fa di Stuart un artista perfetto.Bello e "antico" il suo sito

Bridgewater Arts Centre Press Release

Eleven examples of the striking documentary work of Stuart Haden who is a street and architectural photographer who taught at Glasgow University and the University of Texas. Whilst in the USA, he studied with the acclaimed photographer Garry Winogrand. He has had five solo exhibitions at a variety of venues including the prestigious Photographers' Gallery in London. Pat Morley, the Director commented: "The black & white images are candid and accessible and include delightful glimpses into street life and events here and abroad. Stuart translates the mundane into the remarkable and captures moments that are both moving and thought provoking. He has exhibited widely and I am grateful to have the chance to show his work."

Summer Journey 2005: A documentary photographic exhibition by Stuart Haden.

In his latest exhibition, photographer Stuart Haden takes a candid look at the street scenes of the Borough of Broxbourne.

The series of 30 black and white photographs captures the ordinary and everyday scenes most of us usually take for granted and would not give a second glance to. The exhibition records these scenes for posterity, but also serves to remind us of the world in which we live now, but so often ignore.

The exhibition, which runs from Saturday, April 8th, until Saturday, July 22nd, 2006, was commissioned by Neil Robbins, the Curator of the Lowewood Museum, and was grant-funded by the Arts Council.

Mr Robbins said: "I was attracted by Stuart Haden's informal, exploratory approach to social documentary photography. His work is straightforward, honest and candid. He has an eye for creating memorable, refreshingly new and strong images that portray our society as it is."

"We have, with this exhibition, a valuable contribution to our collection of social documentary photographs from the beginning of the 21st century", he added.

Stuart Haden is a street photographer who started exploring the possibilities of this medium in 1979 when he attended a masterclass with the celebrated street photographer Garry Winogrand at the University of Texas at Austin, Texas.

Haden has had several one person and group shows and currently sells prints via his website:

The Lowewood Museum at High Street, Hoddesden, Hertfordshire, is open Wednesday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m and admission is free.